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TV/Movies -- The Lost Tales: Voices in the Dark, July 31, 2007! -- Good source of Trek news, and a nice community too. --Our last, best hope for B5 fans


UCLA Sports - Made from the best stuff on Earth. -- Official UCLA Athletics site -- Huge online UCLA sports community. -- Scouting reports and latest recruiting news for our Bruins.


Apple/Mac-related -- Think Different and check out the newest stuff from the greatest computer company on earth. -- The site to go to for the latest news and rumors from the Mac front. -- Mac|Life: Formerly MacAddict The best Mac games site.


Miscellaneous -- Meowmeow -- Social networking; Facebook > Myspace -- LA Sports Talk. Check out their podcast section.

Games -- A resource for the now-old (but superb) game -- Another site for the great Deus Ex. -- Now out for PC and XBox. -- Hints and secrets for all your games

Emulation.  Don't ask me for ROMs -- Mac emulation news, with a great community -- Mac Software and Emulation site. -- Multiplatform, multi-emulator site. -- PSX Emulation - a subsite of emuscene. -- Mac emulation news site

Music -- Overclocked Remix: fan-made, remixed game music -- U2 band news -- website of the great Final Fantasy composer, Nobuo Uematsu. His official page is here. -- website of the great Chrono / Xeno Series composer, Yasunori Mitsuda.

RPG Sites (Role-Playing Games) -- large RPG info site chock full of stuff.  Updated very regularly. -- Another RPG site with info and reviews. -- ROM translations.  (Games translated from Japanese to English and other languages).  No ROMs here. -- Lots of info on the great final fantasy series.