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*Tuesday, December 14, 2004*

Two updates in a month! That hasn't happened in a long time! I guess it'll happen again soon, though, since winter break is coming. In the meantime, anyone familiar with the Zelda video game series should look at this video. I apologize for it requiring Windoze Media Player, but I didn't make the video, you see.

This is nearly the middle of finals week at UCLA, and it will soon be over.

Anyone looking for some more good music besides U2? Check out Travis! Nice soft easy listening rock to chill to. I recommened "Walking on the Sun," "Side," "Pipe Dreams," and "Driftwood."

I would change the site version number to 3.1.2 but then I'd have to change Tyler's logo on the bottom left and I just don't feel like doing that right now. So it will remain 3.1.1 for now. Also, Mac users be sure to check out this month's Link of the Month. PC users who want to check that out, look here: GAIM.

*Saturday, December 4, 2004*

As you can see, it has been a very long, very busy few months. I mean, I suppose I could have updated in between doing things, instead of watching TV episodes on my computer, but that's more fun. Here's a recap of the news I missed.

  • 8/04: The iMac G5 was announced by Apple. It began shipping in September. I think I seriously would have gotten one if I didn't already have my "old" Power Mac G4.
  • 9/04: School started back up again. For those who don't know (which is probably most) I am now a sophomore at UCLA, majoring in Computer Science. And of course this is the main reason for the lack of updates.
    • <Bloggish digression> Living in De Neve this year (that's the name of my dorm building) has been better than Hitch in many ways (see News Archive). Nice room, no weird suitemates, friendly neighbors, air conditioning, pretty good amount of space, and very close to anything that matters, including, but not limited to, classes, dining halls, and part of Westwood. I've also been more active in many things, and although classes are still tough, I am getting a more well-rounded experience this year, for lack of better words.</Bloggish Digression>
  • 9/04: I'd heard about Netflix for a while, but never really considered trying it out. Since DVD Box sets of TV shows tend to be pricey to purchase, I figured I'd rent the Babylon 5 DVD sets (excellent show, by the way) and try out the Netflix 2-week free trial offer. The service(speed of delivery) and quality(little or no scratches on the DVDs) are very impressive, and with no late fees (you pay monthly and get to keep three discs - or more if you have a more expensive plan - out at the same time, and return them at your leisure. Mailing the DVDs back to them is free and easy as well.
  • 10/8/4: As noted earlier, Star Trek: Enterprise returned for its fourth season. The crew has come home and faces new dangers in the form of what's called "mini-arcs," two- or three-part stories that so far have been very well done.
  • 11/23/04: U2 released their latest studio album. I got it on the first day it came out. "Old school" U2 fans may be disappointed because this one probably most resembles "All That You Can't Leave Behind" in overall tone and sound, but I like it.
  • 12/04: UCLA/USC Football game. I'm not going there, but I am there in spirit. Go Bruins!!! Pull off the Upset of the Century!!! (TM) It's actually going to start in about thirty minutes.
  • The Link Of The Week has become the Link Of The Month, due to lack of frequent updates.
  • Finals are coming, and then winter break. Maybe I'll do another site overhaul then.

Monday, August 2, 2004

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple and Pixar, undergoes surgery for Pancreatic Cancer!


Over the weekend Apple CEO Steve Jobs went under the knife to remove a rare form of pancreatic cancer. In a company-wide email, Jobs wrote:

I have some personal news that I need to share with you, and I wanted you to hear it directly from me. This weekend I underwent a successful surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from my pancreas. I had a very rare form of pancreatic cancer called an islet cell neuroendocrine tumor , which represents about 1% of the total cases of pancreatic cancer diagnosed each year, and can be cured by surgical removal if diagnosed in time (mine was). I will not require any chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

The far more common form of pancreatic cancer is called adenocarcinoma, which is currently not curable and usually carries a life expectancy of around one year after diagnosis. I mention this because when one hears "pancreatic cancer" (or Googles it), one immediately encounters this far more common and deadly form, which, thank god, is not what I had.
I will be recuperating during the month of August, and expect to return to work in September. While I'm out, I've asked Tim Cook to be responsible for Apple's day to day operations, so we shouldn't miss a beat. I'm sure I'll be calling some of you way too much in August, and I look forward to seeing you in September.


PS: I'm sending this from my hospital bed using my 17-inch PowerBook and an Airport Express.

I've been pretty lax on updates for the same old reasons, but I think this one was worth the time. Also, on an uncharacteristically personal note, I got a new mouse! It's awesome! No pics here, because I don't feel like getting out the camera or downloading a picture from their site.

Star Trek: Enterprise will move to its new timeslot (Fridays, 8:00 p.m.) starting October 8 with part one of the resolution to the "Alien Nazi" cliffhanger from last season. "Storm Front, Part I" will take place mostly on 19th-century Earth with the crew of Enterprise, namely Captain Archer, aiding the American Resistance in repelling the Nazi advance. Tune in to find out what happens!

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

New iPods! The Fourth generation is out! Now featuring 12 hours of battery life, the Apple Click Wheel first introduced in the iPod Mini, and it's even lighter than before!

It's the iPod. Remixed!


Monday, June 28, 2004

Events of today have forced me to break radio silence. You know what today is?


Or, more appropriately, Day One of WWDC. Somehow, I wish I were there, but seeing the news online is good enough for now. Here's what's new!!

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Like Time Attack videos? Download them here! They're mostly from NES games, but some are SNES and Gamecube.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Added new Link of the Week (LOTW). Archived older news. Changed "NEWS FLASHES" to HEADLINERS.

Wednesday, June 9, 2004


NEW  Power Mac G5s today!

Dual 1.8 GHz: $1999
Dual 2.0 Ghz: $2499
Dual 2.5 GHz: $2999

Check out the specs!

The new Dual 2.5GHz model is Liquid Cooled! Ain't that great?


In other news:

Taken from the website for Winplosion, the Windoze rip-off version of Mac OSX 10.3's awesome Exposé feature:

Short System Freezing
On some computers WinPLOSION can cause a short freeze of the system when the user is scrolling through a long document. If this occurs on your machine right click the WinPLOSION icon in the system tray and select the "Don't Freeze" Option.

Uh, what the heck? "Don't Freeze?" An option? Should be on by default if you ask me. Some people are just so stupid...

Tuesday, June 8, 2004

Have that house, car, gadget, piece of furniure, or game you're saving up for? Check out these money-saving tips from Aspyr Media, Inc.

Monday, June 7, 2004

Last week's interesting link is still interesting, so I decided to keep it up for longer. (Actually, I just couldn't find anything else to put for now.) Anyway, today, approximately three weeks before the Apple Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC 2004), Apple has unveiled an awesome new gadget, Airport Express! See link in News Flash above. Stay tuned


Sunday, June 6, 2004

Ahh. More PeeCee Humor. I love it.

All you eBayers out there: beware the clever email password scam!! Don't get tricked into giving this sensitive information! It's not real! What the hell would eBay want with the password for your E-mail account? Be careful when giving out sensitive information!

Wednesday, June 2, 2004

To Boldly Code What No One Has Coded Before...

Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Just to clarify things, I am in not any way, shape, or form affiliated with the site www dot omnigeno dot tk.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Some unfortunate news has come to my attention. My former host,, has hijacked the www dot omnigeno dot tk domain (which was mine up until a few months ago) for itself and turned it into a smutty porn site. This was totally beyond my control. If you see it, don't bother asking me about it because it's not my problem. The good news is that I am now listed on Google! Just do a search for OmniGeno and you'll find your way here! Nice, huh? Just don't click on omnigeno dot tk unless you want porn.

Star Trek: Enterprise Logo
Logo Courtesy of

I would like to note that the renewal of Enterprise for its fourth season was thanks in part to fan letter-writing campaigns created in order to save the show. Angel was not as fortunate: its letter-writing campaigns were unsuccessful. Goes to show that Star Trek is way better, no matter which series. Except maybe Voyager..

In other news, the games list will go on, but I don't know when. It will also need to be revised because I have played more games since the last revision.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Updated to arbitrary version 3.1 - I figured the site deserves it due to recent updates.

Word has it that William Shatner could appear in Enterprise's fourth season.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Okay. This is sooo freakin' funny, if you like Star Trek: The Next Generation. -[Link to the The Picard Song]

Drink Thomas Kemper's Cream Soda! Expensive, but it's the best! Avoid their Ginger Ale though...


Thursday, May 20, 2004

It's not terribly interesting, but good to know:
University of California Budget Information

Also, Apple has just created a new iPod division. Good or bad? I guess we'll see.
MacNewsWorld presents the Mac Death Match in six parts. Pretty lengthy, but an interesting read for Mac and PC users alike!

And now the best news (The best was saved for last): The awesome but fledgling series Star Trek: Enterprise has just been renewed for a fourth season!!! YES! And on the subject of Star Trek, for players of Escape Velocity: Nova (AKA EV Nova), there is an Alpha version plug-in called Starfleet Adventures, a total conversion of the game that brings classic Star Trek ships and systems, as well as a planned storyline for the future versions. Get the plug here. Haven't heard of EV or EV Nova? Do you like Sci-fi/RPG/Adventure/Space shooters? Play it now. It's shareware, compatible with Mac and "Windoze."

Edit to last Saturday's post, regarding number 2): Typing like that is annoying as hell no matter what; patterns be damned. Just use proper capitalization and we'll all be happy!

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Top five stupid Internet slang words, phrases, or styles that should be shot, maimed, and chopped into pieces:

5) Imma (for I'm gonna)
4) Lowercase "i" by itself (i like red because i like apples) when the person knows it's wrong.
3) ur (cop-out for you're or your)
2) uSinG CapS anD loWEr-cAse leTters AltErnaTely WithOUt anY soRt of sEnse to tHe paTTern.
1) Prolly (for probably)

As for the people who use them, they should be.... Hahahahahaha. Well, that's not up to me what happens to them.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Added Interesting Link of the week above.

Friday, May 7, 2004

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. So why no updates for nearly four months? To avoid making this look like a freaking Xanga entry, I'll make it brief: 1) School, 2) Lack of material, 3) Totally forgot.

So there we have it. In other news, check the News Flashes, as always. Links updated today. Removed links to Xanga pages. Removed Enterprise background; pending creation of new one, or hopefully a complete layout redesign. Chatterbox removed. See message at the left.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Happy 20th Birthday to the Apple Macintosh! Twenty years ago today, Apple Computer, Inc. unveiled the original Mac, which changed the face of personal computing forever. The first consumer mouse, graphical user interface, and awesome design for that era, the Macintosh showed that computers don't have to be for übergeeks and meganerds. The Mac continues, to this day, to revolutionize personal computing, while all its competitors continue to try their best to emulate its coolness. Have another great 20, Mac!


Tuesday, January 20, 2004

The side of Maruchan Instant Noodles(c) cups have the warning "CAUTION: HOT. Handle with care, especially when serving children."

I don't know about you, but say you're working at a company's cafeteria. The cafeteria happens to serve Maruchan or Cup Noodles or something similar. If a customer (who happens to be an adult) handles the cup of noodles-in-boiling-water without care and accidentally spills it on him or herself, I have one word for you. LAWSUIT!

But say it's at an elementary school and a student accidentally spills a bit of the boiling water on him or herself. What happens? Parents get angry. Sue the school? No. Bandages and burn creme for the student, and off he/she goes. Case closed.

How about "CAUTION: HOT. Handle with care if you want to avoid getting the pants sued off you."

Sunday, January 4, 2004

First post of the New Year.

To Do:
1) Possibly convert the News Flashes into the main section.
2) Update at least once a week.
3) Continue working on the games list and make the master list up-to-date.

Congratulations to Ben Howland and the UCLA basketball team on defeating Oregon and Oregon State! (6-3 Overall, 2-0 Conference).


Monday, December 8, 2003

One month, four days. This is not the longest interval yet but it certainly is long. This most likely marks the end of the blog era for OmniGeno 3.0. You can expect to get other news here; I haven't decided what to turn this site into, but seeing as my life isn't interesting enough to post on the web, I will stop doing so shortly. From this day on, only the most important personal news shall appear here. Other than that, the course of this site remains unknown.

In similar news, I have been informed by that my free link site redirect will be terminated due to lack of hits to this page. This page can now only be accessed through

As a correlation to the aforementioned lack of site traffic, there has been a lack of postings in the OmniBox. The new poll has been made accordingly. Please give me your input on the poll question. I will make a decision based on the results. If answers are sparse or insufficient, I will make my own decision in two weeks.

Also, the Game Ratings have been temporarily canceled. I have very little time to work on them, and although I really wish to see them completed, I cannot guarantee it. Now, back to studying for finals.


Tuesday, November 4, 2003

No time to talk. Check the news flashes, though. I'll blog later.

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Congratulations to the UCLA football team for defeating Cal 23-20 in OT! Yeah!!! Go Bruins!!!!!!!

Good effort from both sides, but in the end, we were the victors. Yes!! Unlike the other UCLA/Cal people who would possibly visit this site, I actually watched the game, so I can be proud. Not like you who just hear about the game and say "yeah we won even though I wasn't really interested until I heard about the victory."

It's so quiet around here. Everybody's gone, except those DAMN PEOPLE UPSTAIRS!! Always moving around, making the ceiling shake! BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, then every once in a while, BAM! Like someone fell off the bed really hard. One day, the four of us are going to go up there and politely tell them to SHUT UP!!

Friday, October 17, 2003

After a nearly three-week hiatus, the update is back. It's really amazing how long I've been here while it still feels like it just started. Just yesterday, it seems, I walked into this suite, amazed, thinking how big it was, but more importantly that it was new and foreign and the place I would be staying in for a while.

After "Welcome Week" I didn't really see too many of the people I hung out with from A Building in Hitch Suites. Of course, everyone has different schedules, and it goes for friends, too: in a place this big, you don't really see them unless you're lucky or you call them up to meet somewhere. Fortunately, at almost one out of every 5 or 6 trips to the "UCLA Residential Restaurants" (not dining halls) I see someone I know (besides Joe, of course).

Living here is actually pretty nice. Since I don't have a digital camera, still no pics of the suite, but I guess I can describe it as a large place with a living room 2 to 3 times the size of a regular res. hall room, a semi-narrow hallway with 2 sinks on the sides and a toilet room at one end and a shower at the other. Cool, eh? Oh yes, then there are the bedrooms. Adjacent to the hallway, there is my room (room A) and our "suitemates'" room, (room B). Each bedroom is about twice the size of a normal res. hall room. Unfortunately, even with all this room, I still find myself looking for more space to put my stuff... after four weeks. Yeah, I'm spoiled.

Oh yes, almost forgot: classes. My classes are okay this quarter: Math 31B is just a review of some calc AB stuff and all of what I took in summer school. So theoretically I should already have mastered that stuff. Intro to Communication Studies is awesome. It's all about communication between men and women, different races and cultures, and effects of the mass media on society. Awesome professor, cool TA, good stuff. And last and definitely the least, is Intro to the History of Science. Don't get me wrong. The prof and TA are great, but the subject matter isn't really interesting right now, and there is a ton of reading. "Welcome to college," I guess.

Went back home to Torrance 0-week weekend, and the weekend after week 2. Nothing has really changed at home, as far as I can tell, except that no matter how good people everywhere claim that UCLA's food is so good (I guess I wouldn't doubt that it's better than other college food, although I haven't tried any other), my mom's cooking is still better by far. I'm staying here this weekend, looking forward to the fabled "quiet" that Joe described last week. What? Weekends at UCLA quiet? Well, yes, we live on the top of the hill, where no one in the right mind would go out of their way to visit, even if they have a car (due to the heavy construction at Hedrick Hall across the street).

"Top of the Hill" also means farthest walk for me to get to class. My closest ones are a 20 minute walk, and that's even at my regular brisk pace. If I feel tired for some odd reason, that goes to 25 or even 30 minutes. My farthest class is at least 30 minutes away but the endless walk seems a lot farther than it looks. Wanna see my path to class? Click here download the pdf map and legend and look for Hitch Suites. Then look for the following buildings: Dodd Hall, Math Sciences, Kinsey Hall, Franz Hall, and Rolfe Hall. Yes, brisk morning walk every day. Fun stuff. You pay for what you get.

Between Joe's anime (gigs and gigs worth!!) and the party girls upstairs, it's usually a bit noisy during the early and late evenings on weekdays. The anime generally isn't annoying, but he's watching this one series (which I don't know the name of) that's REALLY RANDOM AND REALLY STUPID! I won't say what the stupid characters said, because you pretty much "had to be there." You could ask him about it though ("What is your purpose?!"). Or maybe you don't wanna know. I think I'd be better off never seeing that. Oh well. It builds character, or something like that.

Tuesday night was pretty cool. My parents and my bro and I went to a "reception" for the new B-Ball coach, Ben Howland nearby where "wine and hors d'oevres" were served. It was at one of our fellow Chancellor's Associates' houses in Pacific Palisades. Sounds fancy, doesn't it? Um, well, it IS! It rivals many "mansions" in Palos Verdes. Giant house, nice backyard, and awesome view of the Ocean near the Santa Monica Pier. Too bad it was really foggy and dark. It was so weird and cool to see the Coach up close and personal and speaking to a small crowd that I was a part of. I can only hope that the team is better than he says it will be this year. And I will await the fulfilling of his promise of good defense. Speaking of basketball, I saw Ryan Hollins (one of the players on the team) eating in Rieber Hall, one of the residential restaurants. I knew he was tall, but I didn't know he was THAT tall. Hahaha well, my low height doesn't really help either. Hollins needs to beef up. He's too skinny to play basketball, like me.

I really wish I had some pictures to show you so you won't be bored of my ramblings, but like I said, no digicam. If you've stayed with me so far, I commend you and thank you for listening.

I need to work faster. Lots of math, little time. It's easy though. I just don't want to be staying up so late to get it done.

It's about 6:00p.m. now so I will stop here and go eat dinner and resume these follies later. As they say, "Peace Out," "May the Force Be With You," "Hasta La Vista," "Resistance is Futile," "etc., etc., etc."


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I am back for round 2. Now everyone's gone, I think. Joe got back to Torrance hours ago, and the other 2 went somewhere. It's quiet except for the occasional loud people walking by, the only sound is my typing on the keyboard, "The Last Dungeon" from the FF6 soundtrack, and the noisy drone of the micro-fridge. Dinner was fairly good. I don't usually like Udon noodles because they're so thick, but I was freaking hungry (fungry) so I had a bowl. The "vegetarian" linguine was pretty good, but a little on the dry side. Dessert was soft-serve ice cream from the machine they have (one in each of the restaurants). Unfortunately, the dispenser in the middle, which is a combination of the right (chocolate) and the left (vanilla), only dispensed chocolate with a tiny stripe of vanilla. Damn reverse-racist ice cream machine. Oh well, it was good, I guess. What bugs me the most about the machines here is that some of the soda machines require that you get both the soda flavoring and the soda water (they're separate for some sodas) and it really really sucks when one is out and the other isn't. When that happens, I either get flat soda or flavorless carbonated water. But I'm not complaining. Really, I'm not.

The walk back up to my suite wasn't so bad because I had my fill of ice cream (no running = no tiring myself out unnecessarily. Checked my mailbox at Hedrick across the street... and there was nothing in it. There never is, anyway. I don't really mind that; what really bugs me is when someone else's mail is in our (the suite's) box. It happened once- it was addressed to some girl name Christina or something, and the guy at the help desk said "Are you sure you're not sharing the mailbox with this person?" Hmm, well, last I checked, there was nobody living in my suite by the name of Christina.

That brings me to another thing. I have gotten a call on two separate occasions where the caller asked for someone named "John." Joe said maybe his name got changed without him knowing, but I doubt it. I think what really happened was that the fool who called dialed the wrong freaking number. The next time he calls, I'm just going to say "Yes, this is John." And mess with him. ... ... ... or maybe not.

Squirrels are everywhere. No matter what part of campus you're at, you can always find one. They seem to think they own the place. Well... they very well might own the place. They make weird chittering noises like a scary, red-eyed, battery-powered, moving rabbit toy I used to have when I was little. Ever played "Donkey Kong Country"? The chittering sounds vaguely like the Diddy Kong-waiting-to-be-rescued-from-a-DK-Barrel sound. And the rats... well... I saw a rat's tail scurry into some bushes one time. I hope I don't ever find one in my room. I mean the rat, not the tail. And now there's a freaking fly in my room and my skill with a newspaper/swatter sucks. Maybe I'll try my umbrella.

For those of you who haven't played EV Nova, you MUST. If you like RPG/Adventure/Space Combat/Strategy games, or if you want to try something new and AWESOME and popular, you will play now. Make sure you click on the correct link to download for your OS. Note to 56kers: it's a really big download.

Well, it's nearly midnight now, and I've been staring at the screen for too long. Thanks for making it this far. Any comments may be relayed to me in the OmniBox to the left. Good night, and remember: "Bravery is not a function of firepower."

Monday, September 22, 2003

Moved into my dorm yesterday morning. It's freaking huge - bigger than in the pictures. Did a few "Welcome Week" activities, ate food, and slept. Same with today. Except today Karl Dorell talked to us. Yay. It's good that we didn't boo him though. That would just be mean. It was my first time in Pauley Pavilion for a reason other than a basketball game. Weird... Taiko Drums and Lion Dance were cool, but the best part was that it was hosted by Shawn Farnham. He's the man, and you know it.

And yes, the Mac is a force to be reckoned with.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Got some new speakers for my iPod. They also work very nicely with my computer, because the original speakers are built into the tower, therefore they are technically not really stereo. I love the sound of "Buddy Signed On" ringing on both sides of my head. Well, I don't love it, but it sounds a lot different with stereo speakers on my desk.

Thanks to all who have posted in the Omnibox to keep it going. I know this site isn't really exciting right now, but at least ONE visitor per day is nice :). And believe me, I'm getting more than that.

Move-in date for UCLA is Sunday. So I'll be packing up all the rest of the week. Speaking of the Bruins, Congrats on the football team's win against Illinois last Saturday. Too bad the fledging team is going to play Oklahoma, that number one team in the nation, this weekend.

Keep your eyes peeled for more coming your way, as I work more on the game reviews list (Updated 9/16).

Saturday, September 13, 2003

"It is as if a part of of me has been stolen..." Wisdom teeth, that is. Well, the Flash buttons are here, as promised, but, lying in bed, I haven't had time to really do much other updating.

New news:

•Completed FF5. Excellent game.
•Rented and completed Star Wars: Bounty Hunter (PS2). Excellent as well. Bounty Hunter will be added to the Games List. The HTML for the Games list has been created but not uploaded yet. More in a few days.

Tuesday, September 2, 2003

Well, well, well. I have been notified by Flooble that there is not enough activity in the Omnibox, so they will delete it if there are no posts. In other words. Please post any comments, no matter how big or small, in the Omnibox. Can't find it? Look left and ye shall find.

What am I doing right now? Well, this site and playing FF5. The game ratings will be in soon... Er, in the next month or so.

Just thought I'd show you _loyal_ viewers out there just how fun it is to sift through the in my Yahoo! mailbox. This is why webmail sucks. [Link to picture removed]

Friday, August 29, 2003

It has been brought to my attention that the poll causes more annoying popups. Sorry about that -- I can't really do anything about it until I learn how to make my own polls. Bravenet is ads galore.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

I've been playing a lot of EV Nova, so I haven't done much of anything else. You should play it and get addicted too!

Interesting article here.

Sunday, Bloody Sunday, August 25, 2003

Orientation came and left, and it definitely gave me a better feel for what college is going to be like. Lots of new people, lots of new surroundings, and a huuge campus with lots of walking. But I'll be able to deal. Always have. Anyway...

The Power Mac G5 shipped last Monday, the 18th of August. Too bad I'm not getting one.

Ranking of the games has resumed. Unfortunately, I just realized that my list contains over 100 games, so some will have to go. Sorry!

Monday, August 11, 2003

You can now access this site ads-free from here or with reduced ads (haven't tested it myself yet) from here. The old site (bravenet) may or may not be updated anymore, but if I can simply mirror this page over there, it should be fine.

Calculus Test #4 was a huge bomb. No, not "da bomb," but I mean a bomb like Ben and Jen's "Gigli" bomb. Oh well. No pain, no gain. Only the Final (Thursday) is left, and there's no more homework - not that I ever did much of it, anyway.

Current Projects:
FF9 (Disc 3)
Resuming work on the Games List soon. Added Mega Man Battle Network (GBA) and Zelda: OoA/OoS (GBC) to the Master List.

By the way, I modified the background pic for the news section. You may or may not have noticed. The images are now 3D-ish, but you might not be able to see that because it's faded out so you can read this.

I got Macromedia Flash MX so I will soon learn to make Flash buttons to spruce up the site even more.


Tuesday, August 5, 2003

Added my email address to the page. Check the upper-left title box.

Current project: Final Fantasy 9 (2nd time): Disc 2.

I just noticed a couple days ago that the button bar does not appear correctly in Internet Explorer. Why didn't anyone tell me? Well now, this is the way it's supposed to look. Much better, huh?

Unfortunately, I cannot seem to be able to write anything in my chatterbox. Wonder why... Oh well. You all still can, I think. So that's okay.


Thursday, July 31, 2003

To commemorate the final day of the month of July, 2003, I have made yet another major update of the site.
Differences include:
1) New background for the news section
2) Links moved to the top of the page
3) Xanga sites moved to the Links page
4) Images for hyperlinks (finally!) thanks to Photoshop
5) New title, version number, and subtitle (See window name)
6) OmniBox and poll moved to the left; removed the right box
7) I gave the News Archive a Phoenix Down (I revived it, for non-RPGers.) Check there for previous posts.
8) Page is smaller and more streamlined. All news over 3 to 4 updates old will now be relegated to the archive.
9) Visit the Forum and Autograph Book! Now!

Monday, July 28, 2003

I don't know about you, but the concept for this game is kind of funny to me. Maybe because I'm used to seeing war games based on historical combat. I guess this is history too, now -- modern history.

F/A-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom

Calc test today. It was... easy, I think. Unless I accidentally made several stupid mistakes like last time, I should be fine.

Xanga is too played out. Omnigeno 3.0 will be a MAJOR overhaul that's a lot less Xanga-like. No offense. I like a challenge and peace in knowing that my updates won't get deleted.

Friday, July 25, 2003

• Got my new computer!
Power Mac G4 Mirrored Drive Door
1x 1.25 GHz PowerPC G4
64MB ATI Radeon 9000 Pro
Combo Drive (CD-RW/DVD-ROM)

•Got my iPod!
10GB Hard Drive
Height: 4.1 in
Width: 2.4 in
Depth: 0.62 in
Weight: 5.6 oz (158 g)

•Did a slight site redesign using Dreamweaver MX. No more frames.

Wednesday, July 9, 2003

Who said people in the math and science industries wouldn't spring for a Mac? Check this out. The Power Mac G5 just received the "Scientific Computing and Instrumentation Editor's Choice Award for best personal computer!" In the past, the G4 has won this award no less than 3 times.

Bravenet is currently offline while we upgrade to our new site and services.

Please come back later to see the new and improved

- The Bravenet Team

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Tuesday, July 8, 2003

Independance Day has come and gone, and here beginneth yet another week of calc review at El Co. It's starting to get boring and a little bit more challenging... which is bad. Continuation of the game ranking thing is in "limbo" right now because of
1) Homework
2) Laziness
3) Laziness
4) Laziness
and the list goes on. So as you can see, I'm really quite busy so it would be great if you wouldn't bother me.

I'm just glad that I have Highlander to come home to. What's Highlander, you say?
"He is immortal. Born in the highlands of Scotland four hundred years ago, and he is still alive. There are others like him- some good, some evil. For centuries he has battled the forces of darkness with Holy Ground his only refuge. He cannot die unless you take his head. In the end, There Can Be Only One. He is Duncan Macleod, the Highlander."

Anyone who has cable shoulde tune to TNN at 4:00 p.m. to watch it. If you like action, adventure, history, cool accents, and modern-day sword fights, you'll like Highlander. Those of you who know me well (or well enough) know that I seem to be fickle about my favorite TV show. One day it's Daria, and the next it's Star Trek: The Next Generation. Well here's a list of my favorite shows of all time, so you will no longer be confused (the order is subject to change):
1) Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNN, 2:00 and 8:00 p.m. weekdays)
2) Daria (off air)
3) Due South (off air)
4) Highlander (TNN, 4:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. weekdays)
5) Enterprise (UPN)
And that, as they say, is that.

Anyway, I took the bus home from school today because I couldn't get a ride from anyone. I never realized that the buses actually had regular routes that go by (or very near to) my house. Only $.50 too. Cool.

Stupid me... turning in my BruinCard application without a pic of myself. Now what? I don't know. I suppose I should call them up and see.

I was going to make this a really really long post, but alas, it has become a post-that-was-supposed-to-be-long-but-ended-up-taking-a-really-long-time-to-make-without-having-much-substance.

As they say, "Peace!"

Thursday, July 3, 2003

It's already July! That means Independance Day is coming... tomorrow. I have today off from summer school. I don't know why I do, but I'm not complaining. The debate has sat and stagnated for a little while, but I plan to continue it... some time soon when I feel like it. Hopefully it will be moved to the New Forum so I can get some words up there. If you have something to discuss and it's too long for the OmniBox, go to the forum too. You'd be amazed how cool forums are. And I have a new poll, so be sure to cast your vote.

I reinstated the redirect on the stupid Xanga so you will now automatically be teleported to here from there. Rememer, Eat More Chili!

Sunday, June 29, 2003

**Special thanks to the HippieStalker123 for the awesome OmniGeno pic in the left frame.**
Only have time for a mini-update. But it's important, though, so listen up. I'm writing a list of the top 100-or-so video games of all time. I want to hear your input. Tell me what games I should add and what to rate them on. One important thing to keep in mind, however, is that I have to have played the game or seen it played enough so I can form an opinion. I will accept input at the new forum (formerly the dead S & S forum).

Now here's the list of games
and here's the criteria for rating.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

As the debate rages on, I'd like to stop and make another "normal" entry. Summer school at El Camino started Monday. Reviewing calc is okay. I've had some of the stuff before in AB, and the teacher, Mr. Yun, is a funny guy. He's got a funny Korean accent and a funny demeanor. So... he's funny. After about 1.75 hrs. of lecturing, he goes, "Raise your hand if you're tired." about 3/4 of us raised our hands and then he says, "Mmmm... too bad." Great stuff, huh?

Be sure to sign my autograph book, people. It's really old. Some of you have signed it before, but nowadays no one seems to notice it though.

Thanks to Tyler for finding all the dumb bugs in my code. But.. if people would just be normal..!!!

I removed the Sword and Shield link because the site was dead anyway. Too bad. It had so much potential.

I've been online too long so I'm not going to start talking about the OS and software right now. Yeah, I could just update offline, but what would be the fun in doing that? Plus I don't really feel like it right now. As they say, Peace Out!

Monday, June 23, 2003
This post has been relegated to here for reasons that I will not give because I am too lazy to tell you.

Sunday, June 22, 2003

It's finally over.  All of it.  No more Spartan Pride-ness, no more Class Comps, no more Pep Rallies, no more morons in my physics class.  Unfortunately, also no more Journalism, no more Mr. Lane's class, and no more Mr. O'Kelly or Hildreth.  Just college and a new lifestyle.  More to come later.

Post any comments in the OmniBox to the right, please.

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High school is over.  It's been a long four years, although it feels as though I just started months ago.  Many feel the overwhelming urge to just get the heck out of the city and hightail it out of high school, but personally I'm going to miss this life-- places, home, people... especially some of the people I've met over the last seven years.

Sorry all you folks who visit from Hansi's site.  This page will not really have anything of interest to you for a while because I only have time for personal stuff right now.